High quality services for every biking need

These days, more and more people are riding bikes, and just like cars, bikes also require a lot of care and attention.

Our range of services will have you fit for the road no matter the conditions. Have a look for yourself and always feel free to contact us for more information!


We do both minor and major repairs. We’ll repair punctures, sort out brake issues, replace tubes, fix suspension and much much more.

Most repairs can be done on site immediately and you can book a repair by appointment online.
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We offer three types of repairs, each designed to suit your needs. Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered:
Universal bikes logomark


1 - 2 hours
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Inner tube and tyres check
Frame and forks alignment
Gear and brake adjustments
Check chain for wear and tear
Wheels check and alignment
Brake pad and cables check
Handlebar, seat post and
paddle check
Wheel truing and spoke check
Universal bikes logomark


3 - 4 hours
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Comprehensive plus:
Complete strip-down of bike
Full assessment of each part
Damaged parts replaced
Hubs Servicing
Bottom bracket fitting
Headset fitting
Please note:
- Prices of components are not included in the service price but our experienced mechanic will discuss it with you before fitting any of them.  
- The duration of the service outlined above is only for the bike drop-off. Collection time and date will be agreed at drop-off.
- Test ride is performed to see if we are happy for the bike to leave the workshop.

Buying and selling


We buy and sell both new and used bikes. For details of what bikes we have or for a quote if you’re selling, please visit the shop or contact us.

We also sell various types of bike accessories. This includes safety gear, spare parts and much more. Please visit the shop or contact us to see what we have available.
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